About me

I have the pleasure of taking after my Grandma.  I garden, preserve the food, do fiber arts (knit, tat, quilt), and take care of the chickens.  Grandma was a fabulous lady, so when people say I am like her, I am flattered.  This blog is mostly about my knitting, however, little pieces of Grandma are sure to show up here and there which is why I chose WordPress for this blog.

The name of this blog is a reflection of Grandma.  She had a book of adages was was passed to my mother and on to my sister.  I typed up the adages and shared them with my sisters and cousins several years ago.  (Grandma’s Adages) The inch by inch adage is one Mom has used on me and my sisters throughout our lives, thus the name of this blog.

“”Inch by inch, life’s/it’s a cinch” is a saying cited in print since at least the 1950s. Often added is “yard by yard, life’s/it’s hard,” also cited in print since the 1950s. “Mile by mile, life’s/it’s a trial” has been cited in print since at least 1977.  Robert H. Schuller, the pastor and author who began the weekly Hour of Power television broadcast in 1970, has popularized (but did not originate) the “inch by inch, anything’s a cinch” saying. The “inch by inch” saying has been used in business and in government as a method to solve problems..”  Source:  http://www.barrypopik.com/




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