Nebraska Passport Tour Post – 8/25/14

Our 6th weekend of Nebraska Passporting turned out to be an outstanding weekend.  We started out our morning driving to Bertrand’s Countryside Market.  The room off the entrance displayed many lovely Nebraska creations.  The friendly clerk wrote sales receipts, stamped our passports and asked about our trip.

The weather turned foggy as we continued on to Arapahoe.  We knew the quilt store did not open until 9:00 am.  As we pulled in the driveway at 8:30, Mrs. Wagner was unloading her van.  We were invited into the shop where we were delighted with the inventory of her store as it contained not only fabrics, but an amazing collection of quilting templates, decorative items, groups of fabrics with examples and a fabulous clearance area complete with bags of scraps full of inspiration.  We had a tight schedule for the weekend, so were thankful for the extra half hour to enjoy the shop.

Next stops:  Cambridge and McCook.  Great stores, great people, but we were a bit behind schedule and did not linger.  Next stop:  Parks.  Realizing we were going to be at the Winemaker’s Loft before normal business hours, we called the second number on their answering machine message and were told they would be open for us.  We were absolutely delighted to meet the owner.  He showered us with stories of family watercolors, samples of wines, and a tour of the charming loft available for overnight stays.  We left with an ample supply of wine featuring images of the watercolor art AND our 8th Sips and Suds stamp. 

Next stop Imperial’s Balcony House B&B.  A calico cat, Miss Kitty, met us on the front porch before our tour of this peaceful place to stay.  We imagined staying in the rooms with fireplaces and having coffee on the balcony overlooking the courthouse yard.   But our schedule was tight and we needed to get to Lewellen by 2:00 pm.  Thankfully, we had an extra hour due to the Mountain Time change so we arrived in time to visit The Most Unlikely Place, meet the owners, hear about the building, and be tempted by the displays of Nebraska artists.

 On to Sidney where we were given an informative walk-around the Fort Sidney Museum before heading to Ogallala, our stop for the evening.  We arrived at Lake McConaughy, had a glass of wine and went for a walk on Admiral Cove’s shore.   We watched boats loading onto trailers as an evening storm brewed, then walked barefoot on the perfectly calm shore the following morning.  We got our stamp at the State Recreation Area and purchased a reasonably priced framed print. 

Next stop North Platte, where we walked off our Lincoln Highway Diner lunch at the Lincoln County Historical Museum by touring the outbuildings.  The Golden Spike Tower completed our North Platte tour as we watched the train activity of the hump yards from the 8th floor. 

Last stop was Gothenburg Nebraska’s Barn & Grill where we had appetizer tray, iced water served in large mouth quart jars, ice cream and coffee on the outdoor seating area while watching birds over the small pond framed by sunflowers.  We found treasures in their gift store then headed for home.

 Thirteen stamps and a weekend full of memories brings our stamp total to 65. 


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