The Twelve Mits of Christmas

Mitten #1

The first Mit of Christmas

For the first Mit(ten) of Christmas, my dear friend gave to me, her fave pattern on Ravelry.

Since I have been an absent blogger over the summer, I needed an interesting re-entry story. On Monday, the story was “cast” in motion, Tuesday formed the writing pattern and Wednesday the first blog post. The story is about the 12 mit(tens) of Christmas and the gifts that have been given to me.

For the first mit of Christmas I was given the Monday Night Knitting (MNK) Group. This group of dear friends have taken me as their friend, shared their time, knowledge, yarn, knitting patterns/needles/tools, friendship and introduced me to On Saturdays, MNK members share the wealth of Thrift Store Bag Sales and lunches.  They also offer up bargain priced yarn, Ravelry contests and the open arms of friendship.

As the story unfolds, more gifts will be appreciated. Until then, with only 50 days until Christmas and 12 mits to make, I must get to my knitting.


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