Summer Saturday To-Do Lists

Beautiful morning sky

Beautiful morning sky

Summer Saturday mornings are an absolute gift.  This morning, the clouds are thick, the southern breeze is cooling and the songbirds are singing in the tree lines as if competing for first place.   As Abbie and I walked this morning, my mind started compiling a to-do list for the day.  I have the WHOLE day to myself as my husband is helping host a golf tournament today.  Ahhhhh…… the beauty of a day all to myself.

After our walk, I started to write down the tasks identified during our walk.  I  reflected on the conversation I had with my Mom discussing our weekend plans.  I was thinking about cleaning the windows in our house for  our guests coming in August.  She replied, “They’ll just get dirty again.  Are they coming to visit you or see your windows?  What about that new sweater pattern?”

Knowing that she was absolutely right, here is my (aka Mom’s) advice in the summer regarding your to-do list.

Write out all of the items you want to do in one column (like start that fabulous new sweater pattern) summer sweater - Lime Rickey Cardiganand all of the items you should do in the other column (like wash the windows).  Identify the first column of tasks as “required” and the second column as “optional.”  Keep the entire list so you know those items will not be forgotten and your mind will be at rest.  Then, make a good cup of coffee, settle into your favorite chair and start working on the “required” list.

Happy Saturday!


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