Writing on the restroom walls

Message in Lady’s Room, Chips, Wahoo, NE

Last Saturday, we celebrated a successful trip to the Wahoo Thrift Store bag sale and friendship at our favorite place to eat in Wahoo, NE – Chips Restaurant and Bar.

Our standard process is to wash our hands after the bag sale and before ordering our meal.  Merry went first, and left me a note on the lady’s room chalkboard.  I added more to the post, as did Donna.

After a wonderful lunch, Merry and I pulled out our knitting.  As our brains engaged through conversation, we decided it would only be fair to invite the men to our event via their restroom chalkboard.  We came up with the following invitation and posted on the men’s room chalkboard.  Wonder if we’ll get any takers?

Men's room message

Men’s room message


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