Posted in June 2013

Oh my, The “I”

I am into apps on the new iPhone. Yesterday, I finally got WordPress downloaded. Here are a couple of “Morning Sky” images from yesterday’s walk. Stay tuned for more i-posts! Advertisements

In memory of Dad

Yesterday morning as Abbie and I walked, we saw beautiful wild roses blooming on both sides of the road.  As our day included a celebration of Mom’s birthday, I had been thinking about what type of flowers to put in Mom’s birthday bouquet.  As we walked and continued to see more wild roses, memories of Dad came … Continue reading

Our little piece of heaven

I am having way too much fun with the Panoramic option on my camera.  When Abbie and I went walking this morning, I thought it looked like rain, so wanted to capture an image of the clouds.  Sure enough, we got soaking wet as we ended our walk back to the house.  It was a … Continue reading

Moving on up…

After dropping my phone in the water (again) last week and fighting with the “end call” and “send” buttons that only worked if I opened the keyboard, I decided it was time to move to the next level of technology – the smart phone.  I did my due diligence and started with online research, completed an online chat with … Continue reading

Writing on the restroom walls

Last Saturday, we celebrated a successful trip to the Wahoo Thrift Store bag sale and friendship at our favorite place to eat in Wahoo, NE – Chips Restaurant and Bar. Our standard process is to wash our hands after the bag sale and before ordering our meal.  Merry went first, and left me a note on the lady’s room chalkboard.  … Continue reading