Eagles for the Eagle Scout

Eagles in the making

Eagles in the making

Sunday, June 2, 2013, my nephew, Kyle will receive his Eagle Scout Award.  For his Christmas ornament gift this year, we gave him an Eagle Scout cookie cutter with the promise that I would make Eagle cookies for his ceremony.

My cousin, Michelle, offered to help.  Offer accepted.   She brought extra sprinkles,  Crisco for the frosting, a willing heart and hands.

We made 4 batches of cookies and 2 batches of frosting.  The frosting was divided in three batches:  red, white and blue. Blue Eagle There were a couple of not quite acceptable frosting designs until we came up with a frosting design we both approved.  The winning combination of frosting and sprinkles was to edge the cookies with blue and red frosting, then add in white frosting stars with sprinkles.

A production line process developed with Michelle edging and me adding in stars and sprinkles.  The portable kitchen island was covered with waxed paper and the cookie designing process was in full swing.  When we ran out of white frosting, we did stars in blue, then added in the last of the red for a mixed blue and red star.

All the Eagles

All the Eagles

We ate the burnt cookies and the frosted cookies that didn’t make the grade.  Waste not – Want not!  Now, we had to figure out how to keep and transport 95 frosted cookies.  We lined huge boxes with aluminum foil, placed the cookies with toothpicks to create space, then sealed the envelope of aluminum foil.  Four boxes were carried to the cool basement and taped shut.  God willing, they will keep well until Sunday.  Many thanks to Michelle for her assistance and good humor that got us through the process – and Congratulations to Kyle for earning his Eagle Scout award.


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