Today’s list of gifts

  1. Today is Friday!
  2. I have a long weekend to-do list and this is a long weekend.
  3. I received three actual gifts from my traveling friends last night – 100% pure Aran Wool
    100% Pure Aran Wool

    100% Pure Aran Wool

    and lush deep green tweed woolDonegal Tweed that smells like Ireland direct from Ireland.  The wool smells like Ireland and it transports me back to the trip my sisters and I took to the Emerald Island.  They also gave me a fabulous perpetual calendar with Chicken/Egg motif.

  4. My husband got the live bird out of our wood stove last night and he is going to re-do the chimney top today to eliminate future bird arrivals.
  5. On my long weekend, I have time to clean the bird poop off the inside of my windows after the bird flew all over the front room last night while Abbie chased it around and nearly tore apart the room.
  6. Abbie is well and back to normal after her car chasing incident several weeks ago.
  7. Our yard is full of blooming flowers, Phlocks, Bridal Wreath Spirea, Tequila Sunrise columbine.  The iris and peonies are budding out.  With luck, they will be in bloom this Memorial Day weekend.
  8. My cousin is going out to help me with the Eagle Boy Scout cookie trial.
  9. Friends are coming over on Memorial Day to knit and eat Eagle Boy Scout cookies.
  10. I have friends.  Good friends. True friends.
  11. I have a great family.
  12. The sun is coming out and my dog is anxious to walk.
  13. There is a God and I am grateful.

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