Third try’s a charm

I’ve been living the adages this week.

  • If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.
  • Third try’s a charm.
  • No one knows how long it took you to make it; they’ll just admire your work when it’s done.
  • Put it down.  Walk away from it.  Come back to it later.

Entangled Vines Sleeve

First there was my sweater sleeve.  On the first try, I was merrily knitting along when I realized the sleeve would barely fit a small child.  After analysis, I realized I had misinterpreted the directions.  Frogged* all the way back to the pick up and knit section.  Next I fell off the chart right in the middle of leaf 2 and the pattern was off.  Frogged back to the pick up and knit section – again.  Determined not to let the pattern get the best of me, I attempted the sleeve a third time. and it worked!  (Insert large amounts of time in between frogging and starting the next attempts.)

Three yarn bowls for felting

Smallest, Small and Medium Felted Bowls

Felted bowls were the next episode of determination. I wanted to learn how to use the continental knitting stitch, so a felted bowl seemed to be  good fit.  Even if my stitches did not turn out well, once felted, they would not be visible.  By the time I got to the bottom decreases, I was so happy to be finishing that I just kept on knitting and forgot to check the pattern.  I cut the yarn and tried to stand the bowl up next to its mates. Funny. The other bowls had flat bottoms and this one had a pointed bottom.  Frog One back to where the pattern said to change directions and I missed the que.

Maria enhancing the yarn bowls.

Maria enhancing the yarn bowls.

Try #2. In trying to get back into the decrease pattern, I managed to get one row past the mark and the star pattern on the bottom of the bowl was crooked. Frog Two back to the start of the bottom section.Finally, I went back to throw style knitting, read the directions and finished the bowl.

Maria loves them.

Can’t wait to see them felted.

Wonder how many trys that will require…

*Frogging:  Sometimes when a mistake happens and you don’t notice it for a long time, you have to rip out many rows, a process known as frogging. (Rip it, Rip it…)


One thought on “Third try’s a charm

  1. I like it! Good writing! Looks like you did a different combo for your 3rd bowl. What were all the colors you used? Now I need to get going. What if I came in to Mom’s on Sunday night? I could have my 3rd bowl done by then. Just a thought.


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