Posted in May 2013

Eagles for the Eagle Scout

Sunday, June 2, 2013, my nephew, Kyle will receive his Eagle Scout Award.  For his Christmas ornament gift this year, we gave him an Eagle Scout cookie cutter with the promise that I would make Eagle cookies for his ceremony. My cousin, Michelle, offered to help.  Offer accepted.   She brought extra sprinkles,  Crisco for the frosting, a … Continue reading

What do you do with them?

Radishes are an unsung hero of the vegetable garden.  I plant them in the same rows as cabbage, kale, beets, spinach, kohlrabi, etc. They sprout early, so help to break the ground for more delicate plants, then they provide safe harbor for them in the early days.  They grow quickly and abundantly.  My favorite variety is the “Cherry Belle,” … Continue reading

Today’s list of gifts

Today is Friday! I have a long weekend to-do list and this is a long weekend. I received three actual gifts from my traveling friends last night – 100% pure Aran Wool and lush deep green tweed wool direct from Ireland.  The wool smells like Ireland and it transports me back to the trip my sisters and I … Continue reading

You Might Be a Knitter…

Originally posted on IntrovertedKnitter:
You might be a Knitter if: 1. You have at least one project stashed in your bag/purse 2. You have multiple projects on the go 3. And they are based on how you might be feeling, one that requires concentration, something mindless, a long-term project, near instant gratification 4. You have…

Decisions, Decisions

A recent conversation had us in a discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of quilting vs. knitting.   In the end, we decided you can have MANY pairs of socks, but you only need so many quilts, plus there’s the whole storage issue if you have limited closet space. Since I finished my red socks last night, … Continue reading

Better Late than Never

Several years ago, Mom and I had an ongoing e-mail discussion about the flocks in my yard.  Mom gently provided the correct spelling, Phlox, and we had a good laugh together.  I can’t see the Phlox now without thinking of my Mom.  There are so many things that I see, or smell, or do that remind me … Continue reading

Third try’s a charm

I’ve been living the adages this week. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Third try’s a charm. No one knows how long it took you to make it; they’ll just admire your work when it’s done. Put it down.  Walk away from it.  Come back to it later. First there was my … Continue reading