Stashbusting Weekend

 Thankfully, my sister’s Big Year goals work nicely with my Big Year Goals to blog about knitting.  She is going to complete twelve projects this year.  Some of the projects are defined, and one of them is to make yarn bowls.

Our plan was to combine our wool remnants along with wool that had not yet found a pattern and have a knitting weekend.  We put the yarns out on the floor, turned on a J. D. Robb audiobook and unleashed our creative spirits.

My first bowl was blue.  Blue BowlThis is not surprising as I have been drawn to different colors lately and blue is my current favorite.  What was surprising was that Sis selected brown.  Then she added in orange and continued with a fall color theme.   Fall is her favorite season, but she usually goes with what’s current, which would indicate she would choose bright spring colors.  But the earthy brown yarn called her name and a bowl was born.

As we finished our first bowls late Saturday night, we eyed the yarns spread out in the middle of the floor and made plans for the next bowl.  They were going to be complimentary in color, but different.  Bowl two would be the next larger size.  Bowl three would be the smallest size.  We put different colors of yarns together, and found the right combinations.

By the end of the weekend, four bowls were created.  Two blue bowlsThe next phase will be to finish our third bowls, then schedule time to felt them.  Our stashbusting project gave us quality time together, the release of creative genius, relationship building, and finished projects.

Here’s to stashbusting.  May we always have plenty of yarn on our shelves, friends to knit with and the time to mix them together.


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