Go where the fiber leads you…

Recycled Wool from J Crew Sweater

Recycled Wool from J Crew Sweater

This weekend, I made a long to-do list. Included in the list was to start a tatting pattern and fix the categories on my blog. However, I got sidetracked by sound advice from another blogger who said, “Go where the fiber leads you.” So, when I got an invitation to visit a friend who wanted to share thrift store sweaters for yarn recycling, I had to go. We picked a teal green J Crew 100% lamb’s wool sweater, went out to her sunny porch and started picking out the seams. By Saturday, there were four large balls of recycled yarn in my Ravelry stash. Sunday morning, the yarn was like a siren call, so I was casting on as the coffee finished brewing. Whenever I could take time today, I worked with the wool. It was an addiction that had all good elements; the beauty of recycling wool, of utilizing thrift stores, of sharing wool bits with the birds for their nests. I didn’t get my entire list done, but I followed the fiber and it was good.


2 thoughts on “Go where the fiber leads you…

  1. Cool, Lori. I loved it! My own list fell by the wayside for crocheting placemats and listening to J.D. Robb. Life is good. Love you, Linda


    • Lori, You had a great new experience with yarn this weekend. Loved reading about your day — won’t be long and you’ll be writing a book about all that you’ve learned.
      I love you,

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