Why we knit

Slip Slip Knit done incorrectlyYesterday, my sister was talking to her son on the phone, discussing the events of their days.  He asked if we were knitting and if we were teaching Grandma (aka Mom) to knit.  When she got off the phone, Mom asked if he was proud of my sister’s knitting skills.  She replied no, that he didn’t really see value in the craft.

So for those of you who do not knit, let me throw out one thought for your consideration.  Knitting is the thing we do that connects us to each other.  Example:  The image here shows my sock in progress.  If you look closely, you’ll see the slip-slip-knit seam on the right has a crooked edge as opposed to the Knit 2 together seam on the left.

This is not life or death.  The non-knitter would not even notice.  However, it gave me an excuse to go visit my local yarn shop owner, Andrea, with my query.  It gave me an excuse to pop in and say hello, to catch up, to connect with my friend, (who of course, knew the answer to my issue.)  There are people who golf, hunt, fish, go to dinner or movies together, etc.  Knitters are just another group of  people who have a common bond.  We speak the same language, use the same terms, know the same people.  Sure we can just go buy a pair of socks.  Sure they would be cheaper.  But, they would not be something we could share hours together chatting, exchanging ideas, sharing life’s issues, or building relationships.


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