Big Year – New Goals

We finished our big year on 3/31/13. My original goals were:
1. Start and finish one journal – check
2. Lose 10 pounds and keep them off – Check and half-way unchecked
3. Knit or crochet one project a month – check – I finished 24

After I finished my first pair of socks on 5/4/12, I e-mailed my big year partners saying, “maybe I should change my goal to be 12 pair of socks this year!” They agreed. Then as usual, I got sidetracked. I did some test knits, entered some knitting contests for prizes, did a few knit-a-longs (KAL), made some easy Christmas presents, made a sweater and 2 vests… so my 12th pair of socks is not done, but our first big year is over.

Our new big year goals have been defined. It took me a while to define goals that were realistic and measurable and finally came up with this year’s goal.
1. I have (or will have) three blogs in progress, so my goal is to make three posts a month, for a total of 36 blog posts. One of my blogs is free form thoughts;, a second is about my big year goal progress,, and the third one, yet to be developed, is about knitting in Nebraska.

My big year partners have goals of home remodeling, running, swimming, learning, etc. We will check in with each other on Sunday nights via e-mail to cheer our successes, encourage each other on slow weeks and provide accountability for each other.

April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013 was a good year, a big year. This is my first post of the new big year. Check.


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