Posted in April 2013

Stashbusting Weekend

Thankfully, my sister’s Big Year goals work nicely with my Big Year Goals to blog about knitting.  She is going to complete twelve projects this year.  Some of the projects are defined, and one of them is to make yarn bowls. Our plan was to combine our wool remnants along with wool that had not yet found a pattern and have … Continue reading

You might be an addict if…

Are you a fiber addict? If you think you are, this is must read material.  It will make you laugh out loud. I confess – I am an addict.  This is me… While waiting for your computer to load, … you pick up your work-in-progress and start crocheting or knitting.

Harvesting Wool

My newest obsession is “harvesting wool.” Previously I named the process “recycling wool.”  Recycling is a politically correct, friendly term, but harvesting is more natural, earth friendly, and is also the proper knitting term (as corrected by my friend who taught me the process.) The combination of harvesting wool along with of a pattern from Botanical Knits adds another … Continue reading

Go where the fiber leads you…

This weekend, I made a long to-do list. Included in the list was to start a tatting pattern and fix the categories on my blog. However, I got sidetracked by sound advice from another blogger who said, “Go where the fiber leads you.” So, when I got an invitation to visit a friend who wanted … Continue reading

TGIF – Be happy

I found a great post on 22 Things Happy People Do Differently. I would add to the list #23:  Spend time with your pets.  As a confirmed cat person, my dog Abbie, pictured here on her 2nd birthday, has changed my life.  She shows unlimited excitement when I come home from a long day at … Continue reading

Why we knit

Yesterday, my sister was talking to her son on the phone, discussing the events of their days.  He asked if we were knitting and if we were teaching Grandma (aka Mom) to knit.  When she got off the phone, Mom asked if he was proud of my sister’s knitting skills.  She replied no, that he … Continue reading

Big Year – New Goals

We finished our big year on 3/31/13. My original goals were: 1. Start and finish one journal – check 2. Lose 10 pounds and keep them off – Check and half-way unchecked 3. Knit or crochet one project a month – check – I finished 24 After I finished my first pair of socks on … Continue reading