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Three days left…

My sister will be finishing her big year goal today. It seems fitting that this will happen on Good Friday, a day when Christians remember the completion of Jesus life on earth. It also begins the celebration of a new life when Jesus comes back on Easter Sunday. Death/Life. Finish goals/Start new goals. There is … Continue reading

11th pair of socks

Last night I finished the 11th pair of socks in my big year. They were made using my new HiyaHiya interchangeable set of needles, a gift from my sister. I took huge liberties with the pattern and the “proper” way to knit lace. Because of that, the holes are bigger and I LOVE them!  There are … Continue reading

Big Year Update – Stitch by Stitch

Eleven days to go until the end of the big year. I finished my 10th pair of socks on Sunday and finally cast on the 12th pair yesterday (Tuesday). Pair 11 needs focused time this weekend. My sisters spent Friday night at our house, then sister one and my cousin stayed over Saturday night.  Saturday afternoon/night/Sunday morning … Continue reading

Tatted Shamrocks

Tatted Shamrocks

Way back in another life, I used to tat one project a month and send them to my Mom and Grandma (and sisters?). That life was back in the day when postage and tatting string was cheap. In February, it was pink hearts, March was green shamrocks, October was black bats. I do not remember … Continue reading

Kitchener Stitch

One of my favorite applications at work is SharePoint.  SharePoint it is a Microsoft collaboration application that allows many people access to the same site for information that is relevant to them. Therefore, my new category is “tutorials,” links on my site to share great content others have already posted for us. Nelkin Designs Blog: The Zen of … Continue reading

Great post on fixing knitting errors

Originally posted on For the Knit of It:
Holy Swiss Cheese!   It’s been a week since the last lesson. How is your knitting coming along? You may be one of those awesome, natural knitters out there who turned out a perfect knit project. You’ll always have the right number of stitches, without unintentional holes.…

Almost ready to Kitchener!

Big Year Update. I’m almost ready to Kitchener sock #1 of my KAL with Linda. But right now I need to get ready to go to work to support my fiber habit. We did not find any more yarn at the second Tuesday Morning store. One of my best lessons learned is that “sometimes the … Continue reading

And the answer is…… 90!

I found four fabulous buys at Tuesday Morning yesterday. They are updated on my stash on Ravelry bringing my number of stashed yarns up to 90. My best number is 3, so 3 x 30 = 90. I can live with 90. However, 3 x 33 = 99, so I reserve the right to increase … Continue reading

How much yarn is “too much”?

On Saturday, I mentioned to my friend, Merry, that Tuesday Morning was starting a yarn sale on Sunday. Yesterday at 4:30 pm, she e-mailed and asked what I had found in my local store as she was going to go check out her local store. I had not yet checked, so Merry took the lead. … Continue reading